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Reconditioning Oil

Carbon Coat Prep and Cast Iron Reconditioning

Prep work is key to a long-lasting Carbon Coat application. The smoother the cast iron the better the bond and longevity of Carbon Coat, maximizing the coating's ability to protect against moisture and humidity.

Traditionally, there are two ways to remove rust from cast iron: mechanically and chemically. Most people were using WD-40 and an abrasive pad to mechanically remove rust. Chemical removal or rust converters leave blotchy stains and they smell bad.

We developed Carbon Method Reconditioning Oil to provide lubrication for mechanical removal with a chemical advantage. Our Reconditioning Oil softens rust and stains so the abrasive pad can work faster and more efficiently. The oil also stays under the pad yielding a less messy experience.


Spray Reconditioning Oil on the cast iron surface. You are looking for adequate coverage, not saturation. Spray oil directly onto problem areas and let the oil penetrate for a few minutes. Cut a maroon Abrasive Pad to size and attach to your random orbital sander (ROS) - you can leave the abrasive pad square. Work the maroon pad with the ROS until staining and rust are at the desired/acceptable level - ideally, completely gone. Clean off the top with a rag and reapply Reconditioning Oil as needed until the desired appearance is achieved.

Once a desired appearance is reached, wipe off the tool surface and repeat with the grey Abrasive Pad. The grey pad will remove scratches left by the maroon pad and start to polish the surface. Clean and repeat for the white Abrasive Pad.

Finally, thoroughly clean the tool surface with a solvent until the rag is wiping up clean. Then proceed with the Carbon Coating application, starting with Carbon Cleanse.

Pro Tips

You can unload a pad on a piece of scrap ply by simply "sanding" the scrap with the pad. Also, you can flip a pad over and use the clean side to double the life of the pad.

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