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Coating Applicator Block


The Carbon Method Coating Applicator Block System will change the way you coat your wood and metal surfaces. This kit includes a Coating Applicator Block (CAB), Coating Cloths, and a Capture Dowel. After a Coating Cloth has been used, please dispose of it as it cannot be washed or reused.


To assemble the Coating Applicator Block System, place one Coating Cloth on a clean, flat surface.

Coating Applicator Block on a clean, flat surface.

Set the Coating Applicator Block (CAB) in the center of the Coating Cloth, with the flat side facing down and the channel facing up. Wrap both sides of the Coating Cloth around the CAB so the two edges meet inside the channel.

Coating Applicator Block with Coating Cloth wrapped around, and Capture Dowel being inserted.

Gently set the Capture Dowel onto the channel and press it firmly into place, locking in both sides of the Coating Cloth. The Coating Applicator Block System is now ready for use.

Fully assembled Coating Applicator Block.

After use, disassemble the Coating Applicator Block System, dispose of the Coating Cloth, and reassemble with a new Coating Cloth.

Please refer to the Application Guide that came with your Carbon Method product for additional instructions.

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