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Lightning Lock Flex Hose Fittings

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Lightning Lock is the next revolution in quick-connect dust collection fittings! Lightning Lock Flex Hose Fittings are packed with features you absolutely will not find in any other dust collection system.

When we started developing Lightning Lock dust collection fittings, our goal was to improve the experience of moving dust hoses from tool to tool. Until now, the whole process of moving dust collection hoses has been clunky, inconvenient, and fiddly.

Efficiency in your dust collection system is important, not only for airflow, but also for work flow. Most dust collection systems are a series of compromises to reach a goal. Lightning Lock minimizes those compromises and provides solutions to them.

With Lightning Lock, we've made three major improvements in dust collection fittings that together will revolutionize your dust collection system:

Connect Anywhere

Lightning Lock dust collection fittings sport a completely genderless quick-connect design. Any fitting connects seamlessly with any other. There are no "male" or "female" pieces — just one versatile connection.

In a Snap

Lightning Lock fittings connect and disconnect in a snap, to make moving from tool to tool lighting fast. We achieve this with magnets. The magnets in our Lightning Lock fittings are completely enclosed, instead of relying on epoxy or glue to keep the magnets in place, which eliminates the risk of them falling out over time. Lightning Lock is a strong connection, easily supporting the weight of the dust hose and then some.

Talk About a Revolution

Finally, one of the most exciting feature of Lightning Lock is that every single fitting rotates - all of them. It's impossible to explain how much of an improvement this rotating design makes when these are in use. Hoses don't kink or tangle, they just relax into place, making these truly a joy to use. We achieve this rotation without any measurable loss in suction or air flow.

The combination of a genderless design, magnetic connection, and captive rotation means that any Lightning Lock fitting will attach to any other of the same size, simply by putting the two near each other! They self align when you connect them, magnets and rotation automatically lining the fittings up to tightly and securely connect. They don’t clog, you never have to clean them, and they just work - really, really well.

To achieve the incredibly tight tolerances that make these fittings work so well, Lightning Lock is made with cutting-edge additive manufacturing processes that are literally decades more advanced than the methods use to produce current dust collection fittings. Our integrated, in-house design and manufacturing methods allow Lightning Lock to include features that would be literally impossible with any other method of production. And Lightning Lock is 100% designed and manufactured right here in the USA, in our facility in Grand Rapids, MI.

Switch from tool to tool lightning fast, and get your dust collection game on lock, with Lightning Lock!

2.5" Standard Fitting
Great for those smaller benchtop machines with 2.5-inch dust ports. Quickly connect from tool to tool when using a benchtop band saw, spindle sander, miter saw, or edge sander. Removes excess hoses for a cleaner and more efficient dust collection setup, while increasing functionality.

4" Standard Fitting

This is our standard Lightning Lock 4-inch fitting, the most used fitting in our shop. Use anywhere you have a 4" flex hose. Connect the 4" standard fitting to all of your machines to fully utilize the Lightning Lock Quick Connect system. Very good on CNC machines: get rid of the extra slack in your dust hose and watch it rotate all day long; when it’s time to clean the spoil board, quickly disconnect and clean up excess dust.

4" Max Fitting

Twice the holding power of our 4" Standard Fitting! With double the magnets, this fitting is perfect for your lead hose for going from tool to tool, or connected to a hand-held fitting for cleaning up the shop. But be careful, connecting two Max fittings together provides an alarmingly strong connection and will support the weight of a flex hose in suspension.

4" Flange Fitting

This 4" fitting has an integrated flange. Screw this into a surface and quickly connect and disconnect. Screw mounting recesses are perfectly sized for pocket hole screws. Bottom seal ring is designed to compress and seal once mounted. Works great with shop-made dust ports or tool dust port modifications, or downdraft or sanding boxes. 

4" To 5" Adapter

If you have a tool with a 5-inch port, you're going to love this adapter. Attach a short 5-inch hose or a rubber hard mount to the tool and now your 5-inch port adapts seamlessly into your 4-inch lead hose.  Transition tapers slowly, reducing turbulence. A smooth internal transition keeps turbulence to a minimum for maximum flow. Fun fact, in order to make this fitting work, the rotational section had to be inverted.

4" To Dual 2.5" Fitting - "The Pants"

Simply connect your 4-inch lead hose and integrate a whole bank of bench-top tools into your dust collection system. Connect two 2.5-inch hoses with hose clamps and integrate those into your tools with 2.5 inch dust ports, or connect a single 2.5-inch hose and use the other side as a breather port to prevent restricting your dust collector. (We call this fitting "The Pants" because, well, it looks like a pair of pants.)

4" Mini Vacuum Fitting - "The Snorkel"

From tool surfaces to work benches, this vented 4-inch fitting makes keeping your shop clean easier than ever. The tapered design increases air speed at the opening to lift dust easily. The vents prevent the fitting from suctioning itself to the surface, and the scalloped profile and rounded edges allow for easy movement on flat surfaces as well as uneven surfaces like the spoil board of a CNC machine.


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